Current Workshops Scheduled  

Programs are either virtual or in-person, and will be noted.

Check back regularly, as details about workshops and registration change frequently. You are always welcome to request your local library or organization to be a sponsor! 

Comprehensive Resource Lists for each workshop are located on the Resources page.


Misinformation, Fake News and Political Propaganda.

None scheduled right now. Request it from you local group or library!

Citizen Activism 101—Making Change Happen 

Thursday, Aug. 24  6:30 PM Cornelius Public Library [OR]. In-person!

Beyond Voting: Elections and Campaign Finance

None scheduled right now. Request it from your local group or library!

The Constitution: Fulfilling Democracy’s Promise? -

Democracy, The Constitution and Representation in Congress.

None scheduled right now. Request it from your local group or library!

Oregon Library Association Conference April, 2023. 

Excited to have presented "Empower your inner activist, empower your patrons – strategies for civic activism and engagement!"  virtually at the Oregon Library Association Conference in April.
My goals were to empower both those who work in libraries as well as patrons to become more knowledgeable about the need and the methods to be civically engaged.
Democracy means self-rule; it doesn't work if we aren't involved. But, it can be confusing to know how to engage. This workshop seeks to demystify the many ways we can make our voice heard. Options abound!