Donna L Cohen  MLIS MEd imageDonna L Cohen  MLIS MEd image
Donna L Cohen, MLIS [Master of Library and Information Studies], MEd

I was a teacher and librarian and now devote my time to developing, refining and presenting these workshops. My background, expertise, and interest have combined to help me fill a need. 

I believe that civic education should be lifelong and also that public libraries are the best places for this. I agree with Ms Spaulding [see below], and these workshops are my contribution:
“Civic education is a national security imperative and something that really needs to be reinvigorated in our schools and in our communities!” Suzanne Spaulding, former Under Secretary for cyber and infrastructure protection at the US Department of Homeland Security.

The life of our democracy depends on its citizens thinking critically, understanding basic political structures and engaging in the work of sustaining and building our society.