The Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub [at 90% of Oregon's fuel is stored] is located across from St Johns in Portland. Please see the report, presentation and other materials on the huge threat to the community in the event of a major earthquake. 

If you would like to become involved with advocacy efforts to insure routes into/out of the north peninsula neighborhoods in the event of this disaster, please email me and/or checkout the Facebook page, Escaping St Johns. We will be changing this to a group with a new name that indicates 1) the issue is relevant to St Johns, Cathedral Park, University Park, Portsmouth and the Rivergate Industrial area and 2) that the issue is both egress and ingress. Even if we can stay here, we have no medical facility and will need ingress for medical and supplies.

In short, these area are located north of the railroad "cut" and the railroad tunnel. These were built in 1910 and would surely fail, destroying the only routes in/out going SE. The three other sides of the peninsula will be inaccessible due to liquifaction: from Willamette Blvd to the river, and everything north of the slough. The waterways will be inaccessible and probably unusable even if accessible.